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A smart, creative, colorful landscaped yard can make a house look spectacular.  Yet most landscaping goes unnoticed or can get flagged by a H.O.A.  The “do-it-yourself”-ers inevitably become frustrated and sometimes even embarrassed by their own doing.
Why do some homeowners become passive about their property or resist calling in a professional contractor?
Here are some common reasons we have experienced:
  • “Been There, Done That”- You’ve hired a contractor before and gotten disappointing results
  • “Who Needs More Work?”- You fear the ongoing maintenance a new installation may create
  • “I Can’t Afford It!” – You think that quality landscaping will be too expensive
  • “I Have No Green Thumb!”- You can’t manage to keep anything alive
  • “To Sprinkle or Not to Sprinkle” – You have no Irrigation System
  • “Oh Deer!” – You fear that your Landscape investment will be sabotaged by deer
  • “For Sale” – You think of Landscaping as a wasted use of funds  because you are moving
  • “First Things First” – You have significant erosion or other issues needing to be fixed first

We understand that these are all legitimate reasons in need of addressing and this is what we recommend:

1.  READ REVIEWS ON CONTRACTORS from more than one online site!

Don’t allow a company to “cherry pick” a few references out of who knows how many customers.  We encourage our prospective new clients to check out our last two or three jobs recently completed.  That is a much better bench mark for evaluating a contractor.


95% of our customers want low to no upkeep of their new installation.  That’s why we specialize in using Native Texas plants… and Xeriscaping.  There are plenty of beautiful, colorful choices that are hardy and require very little care.  Many of our customers choose Xeriscaping to conserve water and love its hardiness.


We try hard to serve customers with the same diligence regardless of their budget.  We routinely pleasantly surprise customers and exceed their expectations, whether their budget is $1500 or $15,000!  We offer a variety of payment options and in some cases can work out  a Payment Plan that will fit your budget.   Some of our clients have no idea what their budget is or should be for a project and that’s ok too!  Our estimates are always free!


It’s interesting that some customers are actually ashamed or embarrassed of their existing landscaping or lack thereof.  And some are insecure that whatever Landscape Makeover we do, they will find a way to kill it!  The good news is that WE HAVE A GREEN THUMB and use our collective knowledge and experience for each and every installation.  The most severely GREEN THUMB-LESS clients are comforted to know that there are some plants and trees that are extremely difficult to kill.


In Austin, having a Sprinkler System is a game-changer for getting your  Landscaping to thrive!  If you want a lush St. Augustine lawn, and beautiful colorful blooming plants that require little maintenance and effort from you, then you should probably invest in an Irrigation System.  We work with Licensed Contractors and offer installation and repair at reasonable prices.

If you are comfortable with Bermuda Grass, using primarily Native plants, and can commit to doing some consistent hand watering (especially after a new installation), then you can consider allocating Irrigation dollars to Landscape Installation instead.  Whether or not Irrigation is the chicken or the egg, there are pro’s and con’s to each.


Homeowners have a love/ hate relationship with deer… but mostly hate, especially when it comes to protecting their Landscaping from these voracious eaters!   The most beautiful, colorful blooming plants are like CANDY to deer.  But what about Deer-Proof landscaping?  While the catalog of Native Texas Landscape has almost every plant checked-marked as Deer-Proof, unfortunately we Central Texans cannot trust it completely.  In recent drought conditions, hungry and thirsty deer will eat almost anything.  However, don’t overreact, because there are often varieties of plants and trees that are more Deer- Resistant than others and we are familiar with them!


When putting your home on the market, statistics show that improving your home’s Curb Appeal can bring an instant increase in your home’s value and marketability.  We love performing Market Ready clean ups and installations and a few years ago, one of our clients had pulled their home off the market because they weren’t getting any interest or offers.  But they hired us to do a modest Landscape Makeover and when their home went live on the market, they had 3 offers within the first day.

Make no mistake, Landscaping is an investment that will increase the property value of your home and can increase the real estate offers you get while reducing the time it takes to sell your property.


We have learned to never underestimate the Flash Flooding that can occur here in Central Texas!  It doesn’t take long for a few inches of water to sabotage unprepared landscaping.  We routinely solve water problems, such as pooling, flooding and erosion.  Each challenge must be evaluated by a professional landscaper that can diagnose what will be needed to resolve the issue-  a French Drain, Grading or Re-Grading, Retaining Walls, Underground Piping , Dry Creek Bed Installation, and more.

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  1. Elaine C. says:

    While I was walking in my neighborhood, I passed by a yard Troy was designing and I really liked the way it looked. So, I asked him to come by my house and give me an estimate and suggestions for my front yard, which he was happy to do. I have a large live oak tree under which nothing grows, and I was tired of wasting water trying to keep the sparse grass alive. In only a few days, Troy installed a very attractive, low-maintenance landscape design that I am very pleased with. He is very hard-working, trustworthy (we made the deal on a handshake) and easy to work with. I have had many compliments on my yard, and I would recommend his services to others.

  2. Dave and Vicki says:

    We contacted Yards Apart Landscaping for help with getting our house Market Ready and adding curb appeal. Sue got in touch with us immediately and set up an appointment quickly for a free estimate. We received a design proposal from Troy the next day and within 24 hours of that, he and his crew were at our house working in 104 degree weather for about 8 hours. Our house was transformed into a beautiful work of art as far as I am concerned. They cleaned up and beautified our current beds near the house; the agave cactus and native rock from our yard was used to create new beds where the grass was not growing. The whole yard became new with the work Troy and his crew did! We were certainly impressed with how hard working and professional Yards Apart Landscape is. We will highly recommend them and will use them again if we need more landscaping expertise or assistance!

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